How We Work

Jabiru Aircraft PTY, Ltd of Australia produces a line of kit aircraft that are among the most extensively tested and thoroughly developed kit planes in the entire world. 

Certified and proven! Jabiru’s are certified in Australia, South Africa, and several other countries and are used extensively for flight training and light commercial purposes. The Jabiru airframe has proven itself over hundreds of thousands of flight hours with the highest time airframe approaching 6000 hours and many dozen more over 4500 hours all over the world. Much of this flying has been in flight schools suffering the abuse of student pilots performing touch & go landings for hours on end. The fact that these airplanes continue to be in demand for flight training speaks to the reliability, predictability, and longevity of the design.

Jabiru Engines

The Jabiru 2200cc Aircraft Engine is a 4-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine. At 138lbs/63kg installed weight it is the lightest 4-cylinder 4-stroke aircraft engine of this output manufactured in the world. It can be installed in an aircraft at the same weight as most popular 2-stroke engines.

The Jabiru 3300cc Aircraft Engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine.At 180lbs/81kg installed weight the Jabiru 3300 Aircraft Engine is an ideal replacement for the 100-120HP equivalents which power many of the existing homebuilt aircraft.

The Jabiru 5100cc Aircraft Engine is a 8-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine. At 269lbs/122kg installed weight the Jabiru 5100 Aircraft Engine is ideal for many of the existing larger homebuilt aircraft such as the RV6/7, Glastar, Lancair & Glasair just to name a few. The 5100 is in limited production

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