About Us

Welcome to Jabiru Pacific,

Jabiru Pacific is located in Central California and services the western United States, including Hawai and Alaska. We sell and service some of the finest aircraft and aircraft engine products available on the market today.

Jabiru Pacific offers Aircraft enthusiasts:

  • Microair Avionics – Grand Rapids EIS
  • Jabiru 2 & 4 seat Aircraft kits
  • Just Aircraft Escapade & Highlander
  • Experimental and Light Sport Categories
  • Builders assistance
  • Jabiru 80, 120 & 180 hp engines
  • Parts and accessories
  • Firewall Forward kits.
  • Jabiru Pacific can service your Jabiru engines and aircraft at our Chandler Downtown Airport facility in Fresno, CA. Whether you fly Experimental, Light Sport, or ultralights – call us to see how we can help you with your aircraft and engine needs today!

Firewall Forward kits Zodiac XL, Stol 701, Kitfox, Murphy Rebel, Elite, Rans S6S, S7, aircraft from A to Z. Engine mounts, cowls, propellers, spinners and other custom parts are available to allow you to use Jabiru Engines on your favorite aircraft.